One of the most awesome things that has happened to me in my writing journey, aside from being accepted for publication of course, has been seeing the cover art of my book. For some reason, I didn’t expect this to be as exciting as it was.

After Mimi and I were told our book Beautiful Monster was being accepted for publication, we were sent some Author Information Forms. Along with tax forms and the contract, this consisted of questions about the book such as who we would like to acknowledge, who we would like to dedicate the book to, and finally, some information about the story for the cover artist to look at in order to create a fitting book cover. We answered questions about the general mood of our story and the physical descriptions of our main characters, then we had to let go of it, trusting the artist to do whatever he or she saw fit. This wasn’t too difficult for me to do as I knew all along that cover art design is not my job and is best left to the professionals of that field who know how to market and what will sell.

It turns out our cover artist is a woman by the name of Dawne Dominque, who has some very good artwork under her belt, and we couldn’t have been more pleased when, a few days after sending off our Author Information Sheets, we were contacted by her and shown a draft of what she would like to do with our cover. There was my character, Sterling Bronson, half man and half “Fiend” just like he is in the story, staring back at me. It was surreal. Above him were the words, “Beautiful Monster,” and just under that, the most exciting thing of all: my name and Mimi’s name. I couldn’t stop looking at it.

We gave Dawne our feedback, smoothed out a few details, and once it was all official and we were given permission to post and share the cover art, I set it as the wallpaper of my phone and my computer, and have shown it to anyone who is willing to look! This has been one of the most amazing things about this whole process for me.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty much addicted to this whole writing thing. It hasn’t always been fun ~ in fact, it has come with an awful lot of pain and disappointment… and I’m certain there’s plenty more of that as well… but the ups have made the downs well worth it. It’s the little things, like seeing your very own character on the cover of your very own book, that make this whole writing thing worth the wait, worth the disappointments, and worth the hard work. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me in writing yet… but I’m optimistic I also have a few more great moments like the ones I’ve recently had!

And… just because I’m still giddy as a schoolgirl about it, here is the book cover! Again!

P.S. ~ Keep coming back to see more great authors. I have upcoming interviews with Tamara Thorne, Sarah Langan, Dan Wells, Patricia Scanlan, Christopher Moore, Elaine Viets, Maeve Binchy, and Michael Craft!

  1. clarklori says:

    Congrats Jared. I’m so happy for you. When we get together, we can hold hands and jump up and down and squee like two little girls. 🙂 I wish you guys the best!!!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks, Lori. I look forward to it. I haven’t squee’ed in a very long time!

  3. Linda Anderson says:

    This is so amazing to me. I love that cover, & seeing your name on it is unreal. So proud of you!!!

  4. Ann Everett says:

    I agree. One of the most exciting things about being published is seeing your first cover for the first time! Congratulations!! It’s a great cover, by the way.

  5. Kim Justesen says:

    It was so exciting to see that draft, and now to have the finished product. I’m just like you – I can’t quit looking at it! It is absolutely Sterling and the Fiend perfectly represente. How lucky are we? I don’t know of too many people who get to work with their best friend, have so much fun (mostly) doing it, and get to have such awesome results! I count myself as truly blessed. Thanks for making it work!

  6. Linda L. Bennett says:

    I absolutely love this cover, it just makes want to read it all the more.

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