Getting Back To It

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Writing

Hello Readers,

This week has been crazy. I got a lot of writing done on The White Room over the weekend but have had a hard time getting in gear this week. I have, for some reason, been struggling with self-doubt. It happens. You get so far into your novel and suddenly feel overwhelmed~ nervous that you won’t be able to finish it somehow, or that you’re not doing it right. Sometimes, this doubt is due to negative feedback, but mostly, it just comes for no apparent reason.

I think you just have to keep plugging along and let the doubt run its course. It will pass, eventually. Luckily, a couple of good things have happened this week that reminded me I’m on the right track. First, I received some more great letters from readers saying they loved Beautiful Monster and were telling all their friends about it. This is always enough to eradicate self-doubt.

Second, my friend, and fellow horror author, Tamara Thorne, gave Beautiful Monster a great review on Amazon. As well as a great writer, she’s turned out to be a great person and a great friend. I am thrilled by her review, because although I only met Tamara this year, I have been reading and loving her work since the ’90s. It’s pretty cool to have your praises sang by someone whose work you’ve admired for so long. So, here is her wonderful review, along with several other reviews that make me very happy!

Tamara Thorne’s short story, Good Vibrations, was released on Kindle yesterday. I’ve read this story and I love it. I was given the honor of being asked to write a blurb for this story, and I didn’t hesitate. Good Vibrations has all the elements that make Tamara Thorne one of my favorite authors: horror, humor, and erotica. That being said, you can (and totally should) buy Good Vibrations at:

I probably won’t get much written this weekend either, but I’m looking forward to getting back to The White Room next week, self-doubt or no. I’ve learned from experience that as wonderful as kind words of encouragement are, simply doing it, even when I don’t feel like it, is the best way to persuade myself that I can and should do it. So… after having allowed myself a few days to step back, question my ability, and feel a little overwhelmed, I am getting back to it. 🙂

All best!

  1. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Jared, In the words of Larry the Cable Guy “Git ‘R’ Done” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Have a great weekend!!! 😉

  2. Kim Justesen says:

    Sometimes that mental break is necessary – so long as it doesn’t go on forever. I took a mental break for almost 3 years and then I almost didn’t make it back to writing at all. But now – I can hardly go three days without working on something, even if it’s just a paragraph.

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