Name That Serial Killer!

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Writing

Hello, Readers!

To observe Halloween this year, my co-author, Mimi A. Williams, and I are holding a “Name That Serial Killer” contest on Facebook. The winner will receive a free signed copy of Beautiful Monster. All participants must like us on Facebook at: to be eligible to win.

I posted the contest questions just about an hour ago on the fan page and we’ve already had several people join and give us their answers. We will choose a winner by Halloween (October 31st), and the winner will be announced by November 7th.

I tried to choose a good mix of questions. A few of them are well-known, and I also tried to find some more obscure information that wouldn’t be too easy to simply Google. Below is a list of the questions I came up with. If you think you know enough of the answers to win, simply like us on Facebook, where you’ll find the same questions. E-mail your answers to our personal inbox there.


1. Who was the youngest documented serial killer and how old was he or she when the crimes were committed?

2. This serial killer made music, and at one point tried, and almost succeeded in joining The Beach Boys.

3. This serial killer claimed the only thing he was guilty of was running an unlicensed cemetery.

4. This serial killer worked as a suicide prevention hotline counselor and saved many lives… as well as taking a few along the way…

5. Which killer claimed his crimes were committed for the purpose of creating people who would never leave him?

6. This serial killer didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He was just uber-fascinated by female anatomy.

7. This serial killer is quoted as saying: “There’s no chance in keeping me alive or anything, because I’d kill again. I have hate crawling through my system…”

8. Using lipstick, this serial killer drew pentagrams on the thighs of his 83-year-old victim.

9. This serial killer believed the blood of young virgins kept her beautiful, and she bathed in it regularly.

10. In his last moments before heading to the guillotine, this killer’s main wonder was whether or not he’d be able to hear the spurting of his own blood after his head was severed.

11. This serial killer had the worst luck. When he was 5, he was knocked unconscious in a fall from a swing and had one eyelid skewered by a stick. At 6 he was thrown from his bicycle, crashing headfirst into a parked car, with injuries including loss of several teeth and a severe concussion. At age 7, he fell from a pony onto his head and remained dizzy and nauseous for several weeks.

12. This serial killer enjoyed tying women to trees, and leaving them there while he went about his business as a police officer. Jewelry, teeth, and clothing belonging to several missing young women were later found in a trunk in his mother’s attic.

13. This serial killer was more charming than Ted Bundy, more brutal than Richard Ramirez, and saw himself as doing the world a favor by ridding it of “fake” women. Instead of a small keepsake, the entire bodies of his victims were this killer’s trophies.

Regardless of how you spend it, have a safe and happy Halloween this year. And remember… strangers always have the best candy.

  1. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Since I am already getting a copy of A Beautiful Monster, I shared this blog with my friends on Facebook.

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