Janet Evanovich is the New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series, the Wicked series (Lizzy and Diesel), and the Barnaby and Hooker series, along with dozens of other novels in various genres. I know Janet is a very busy writer, and I was doubtful she’d have the time for an interview, so I kept the number of questions to a minimum. As it turned out, she met my request with a more-than-happy-to attitude, and I’m honored to have her as a guest on my blog.

Q: What was it like for you when you reached the New York Times bestsellers list?

A: It was fantastic, especially when you consider that, over my first ten years of writing, I wrote three novels and collected what seemed like reams of rejection letters.

Q: Of all your books, do you have a personal favorite, and why is it your favorite?

A: I used to wonder how I’d answer that question when I’d read interviews with other authors.  Most of them said something to the effect of “they are like my children, how could I choose?”  But, in all honesty, since most writers continue to improve their craft as they write, I’d have to say that my best book is usually my most recent.  I had a blast researching and writing Wicked Business.

Q: What do you think is the most fascinating part of your job as a writer?

A: It has to be creating a world and populating it with characters you like.  While writing, I live seven days a week with the characters, so it’s important to enjoy their company.

Q: What aspect of being a writer are you most disappointed in?

A: That I can’t write as quickly as people can read. I get letters all the time from readers begging me to write faster. I wish I could, but it takes me six months to write and edit a book.

Q: How did your character Stephanie Plum come into existence?

A: In 1992, my husband and I went to see the Robert DeNiro movie, Midnight Run.  It was a hilarious story about a bounty hunter who has to transport a former mob accountant across the country.  I was writing romances at that time and the movie got me thinking… what about a book with a female bounty hunter?  I did some research on the subject and then took a lot of bounty hunters and law enforcement types out for a beer.  Their stories were fascinating and led me to write the first Stephanie Plum novel, One For the Money.

Q: Was getting published a long and arduous road for you, or was it relatively easy?

A: After ten years of beating my head on my desk, I was an overnight sensation.

  1. shadowsmama1 says:

    That was awesome Jared. I just love Janet. I’ve read all of her books.

  2. Lawrence Stovey says:

    I’ve read a lot of Evanovich, Stephanie Plum novels. Evanovich always entertains and holds my interest for the entire novel. She makes me laugh as well.

  3. Linda L. Bennett says:

    As usual, another great interview. 🙂

  4. Great interview. I love her Stephanie Plum series. Some of the best dialogue ever is in those pages.

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