And The Winner Is…

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Writing

And the winner of the Name That Serial Killer contest is… CATHY HUDSON! Cathy got every single answer correct, even the last one which was Sterling Bronson, the killer in Beautiful Monster! Congratulations, Cathy!

Also receiving a free copy of Beautiful Monster, signed by me and Mimi A. Williams, are Scott Tjaden, William Cook, and Malina Roos! Second place was a three-way tie between these guys, and they all did so good we think they should have a signed copy of Beautiful Monster, too!

Also, an honorable mention to Annie Valenzuela who impressed me by being the first person to get the final answer (Sterling Bronson) correct!

Congratulations, you guys…you all know more about serial killers than you probably should… and that makes you Beautiful Monsters in your own right!

And thank you to everyone else who participated! We were pleasantly surprised by how many of you entered, and we had fun with your answers!

Thanks again everyone. You rocked it!

  1. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!
    A Fan of Beautiful Monster.

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