Friends Like These

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Writing
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They are legends; they are gods

They are glamorous and tanned

They seem faithfully true-blue

When they smile and shake your hand

Shadier than evergreens

And soon you will be bored

With the ageless verbatim sameness

That has become both shield and sword…

They are cats among the pigeons

Behind self-sacrificing tactics

And their affection for your virtue

Is one of many such theatrics…

But it’s a revelation of sorts

Having friends like these

Though it’s hard to watch your back

When you’re on your hands and knees

So be careful who you please

When you’re among the likes of those

It’s the edge and not the depths

That keeps you on your toes…

And should you change your mind

 Should you fizzle and burn-out

You’d be wise to taste your words

Before you spit them out

Because they don’t want you to win

They won’t smile when you succeed

They will keep you by their side

As long as you have what they need

They’ll be clinging to your coattails

And they will beg to come along

More afraid you’re moving up

Rather than simply moving on

© 2004 Jerod Scott

  1. Linda L. Bennett says:

    I got rid of friends like those a long time ago! They aren’t any good for you anyway.

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