Behind the Blindfold

Posted: April 13, 2013 in BDSM, Kink, Poetry, S and M, Uncategorized, Words, Writing, Writing Tips
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Only in the darkness

Does truth tell itself so well

So eloquent, so honest

With  no vanities to sell

Behind the black of masks

So brave becomes the soul

In the bliss of freedom from

The illusion of control

The abandonment of past

And of vast contingencies

Based on gracious ventures

That no one even sees

But to come untamed before

Someone that you trust

To transcend this blend of ecstasy

And fleet of freeze-dried lust

Standing back, aghast

Faced with your own strength

With no lace to give permission to

The light of day’s broad length

It is here that I find freedom

In this pitch-black synagogue

It is here I find religion

It is here that I find God

© 2009 Jerod Scott

  1. Holy Jesus. I thought “freeze-dried lust” would be my favorite part of this, but that last line….now THAT is a last line. Hot.


    • Jerod Scott says:

      Ha ha! Thanks, Julie. 🙂
      A friend of mine sent me an email saying, “Look what I found in my inbox” and it was this poem that I wrote a few years ago. So I thought I’d post it and see what happened.

      Glad you like it!

  2. You’ve a way with words.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Linda L. Bennett says:

    I forgot to leave my name and e-mail with that comment, hahahaha!!!

  5. Linda Anderson says:

    Very good!!!

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