Blue Perfume

Posted: April 18, 2013 in BDSM, Kink, Poetry, Uncategorized, Words, Writing
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Her mouth preys on my body

And the secrets that it keeps

And only in those moments

Does my own damnation sleep

Her kisses pierce my skin

As only glisten-quick lips can

She resurrects my pleasure

With a devil-red command

With ravenous hands I venture

 And with blind eyes do I see

Her body on my body

Like a whole new piece of me

And pieces of her linger

When she’s long since left the room

I wear her scent like leather

Her tattoo of Blue Perfume


© Jerod Scott

  1. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Absolutely erotic! Is this a new one? I don’t remember reading this one before but I LOVE it.

    • Jerod Scott says:

      It’s not very new, no. I wrote it in 2009, I believe. I didn’t give this one any exposure because I was never really happy with it. Looking at it now though, I am satisfied. So… here it is… 😉

  2. Linda Anderson says:

    That’s a good one!!!

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