This morning, we lost one of the lovingest, fiercest, itty-bitty, little forces to be reckoned with since pets were domesticated.

Gypsy’s Vixen ala Mode–aka Gypsy, aka Mrs. Loud, aka Little Houdini–passed away suddenly at approximately 7:20 this morning, after a short and unexpected bout of weakness, labored breathing, and sudden fatigue.

Gypsy was unusually small, even for a toy poodle, but her spirit was as big as any Great Dane’s. She enjoyed giving high-fives, rubbing her head on things, eating cheese with her daddy, cuddling with her mommy, and minding everyone else’s business. She had the temperament of a hunter, often seeming to be unaware of her petite size, and frequently getting in over her head because of this oversight. But she always prevailed.


Gypsy also loved having her head kissed, getting belly rubs, running like the wind, and giving hugs. Despite her sudden illness, she endured long enough to pass away in her favorite place–her mommy’s arms. And at 8:30 this morning, we took Gypsy to the place she knew as home, and buried her with her green flannel pet pillow and her favorite black and white blankie.

We adopted Gypsy in 2000 from a resident at the Heritage Eastridge rehabilitation and retirement center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her owner was progressing in age and having trouble caring for her. Although he called her Patricia, we changed her name to Gypsy partly because of the fact that ours was the fourth home she’d had in her short life, and also, we named her after the Fleetwood Mac song, Gypsy, which we are both fans of.


(Gypsy with her mommy–her favorite place to be)

She is survived by Sven, her brother and companion of almost thirteen years. He will miss her dearly and her absence from our family will leave a hole that will never be filled.


(Gypsy goofing off with her daddy)

We love you, Gypsy. We will always miss you and always love you. Rest in peace, Sweet Eyes.


  1. I’m sorry, love.


  2. Dayva Holody says:

    My heart goes out to you, dear friend. There is just no explaining how the heart is broken wide open with the unconditional love of such a small soul. We are blessed, and better people, for having been loved so dearly. My heart breaks for your little family. Namaste, Dayva

  3. Trish Bell says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Gypsy was adorable and I’m sure you gave her a wonderful life. Pets are such a part of any family. Best wishes and be well.

  4. A beautiful eulogy, Jerod. Thinking of you and Heather.

  5. Linda Anderson says:

    I am so sad for you & Heather. You guys gave Gypsy a wonderful life. She had all the love any pet could ask for. Love you guys!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jerod, so sorry for the loss of Gypsy. It certainly sounds like your fam gave her a loving and long life. Try to focus on the great memories.

  7. Linda L. Bennett says:

    My sincerest condolences to you and you wife. ♥

  8. Berlin Anderson says:

    I love and miss you more than words can express. I never thought you would leave. You were always so strong and happy. I hope you have found a large park with lots of green rolling hills you can run free in 🙂 I love you unconditionally.

  9. Linda L. Bennett says:

    My heartfelt condolences to you and Heather. May God rest her sweet soul.

  10. Linda L. Bennett says:

    Sorry about the double comment, I didn’t think the first one was on here!

  11. iniriba says:

    There are times when you wish social media came with a “Sorry” button and not just a “like” button. Thankfully most of us understand that if you ‘like’ a post about something tragic it is a show of support and love and not a mockery of the pain and heartbreak that is happening. So here is me “Like”ing your post in support.

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